Why Choose BDCH?


Located in the heart of Chennai city just 20 minutes from the airport and well-connected to city transportation, Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital offers a unique setting where friendly attitude and humane touch merges with advanced technologies. The hospital, founded by world renowned Facio-maxillary surgeon Prof. S.M. Balaji twenty years back, is the leading referral center for excellence in dental care and craniofacial surgeries in South East Asia, receiving and serving patients from all over India and various parts of the world. Known for successfully handling the most complex of cases, the hospital offers comprehensive, complete care for those afflicted with craniofacial deformities.

The hospital is a distinguished center for the correction of cleft lip and palate. Our dedication to meeting the changing needs of a diverse patient community and our commitment to innovation has spurred remarkable growth. We are the only Indian center to employ the novel bioengineered protein rhBMP-2 to correct facial defects; which decreases the number of surgeries required for the correction of this deformity. The hospital remains the only center till date in this part of the world to offer simultaneous Distraction osteogenesis for the correction of facial asymmetries and using this has successfully rehabilitated the maximum number of patients afflicted with facial disfigurements.

A sophisticated in-house prosthodontic ceramic laboratory ensures prompt and speedy delivery of dental prosthesis to the patients at the same time ensuring strict quality control. The hospital’s Implantology section is recognized by the world leader in implants – NOBEL Biocare, Switzerland.

Cosmetic surgery has traditionally been the hospital’s expertise. Cosmetic correction of the nose, jaw, teeth and lip are routinely performed here.

We also provide a wide range of general dental treatments employing the best in clinical skills to treat your condition. Our dedication to creating a positive experience for each patient who comes through our doors influences every facet of care, and applies across all levels of our organization.

Stem cells have generated a great deal of interest because of their potential use in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Being the leading centre for correction of craniofacial deformities, the hospital has held advanced research programs in craniofacial biology and tissue engineering. Eminent researchers including Prof. George Sandor, Regea Institute Finland have shared their expertise on use of fat stem cells to reconstruct jaw bone and skull.

The hospital plays host to several international conferences and workshops. Leading surgeons of international repute including Prof. Piet Haers, UK, Prof. GE Ghali and Prof. Michael Carstens, USA and Prof. Masaharu Mitsugi, Japan, have with their team, operated complex procedures at the hospital’s twin theatres. These initiatives are an expression of our fundamental mission of service excellence.

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