Ear Reconstruction

Ear reconstruction surgery is fine blend of art and science and requires skilled expertise and precision. Dr. S. M. Balaji has to his credit several such successful surgeries. Seen here are pictures of an adolescent boy who was successfully operated upon by Dr. Balaji for ear deformity. By birth, the patient’s right ear was deformed. In place of the right ear there was a small deformed structure. His right ear was surgically reconstructed with excellent results.

Microtia is a condition in which the external portion of the ear is deformed. If children become the target of cruel taunting or unwelcome stares they become self-conscious causing low self-esteem or other emotional problems. Timely correction of this defect is advisable.

  • Jaqw deformity surgery - Balaji Dental

    Ear deformity- Microtia, before surgery

  • Jaw correction surgery balaji dental

    Cartilage graft from rip shaped to resemble ear

  • Jaw deformity surgery - Baalji Dental Chennai

    Shortly after reconstruction surgery

Ear reconstructions with artificial materials have inherent defects like allergy and loss of stability over time requiring it to be replaced often. We have successfully treated many microtia patients using an intricate surgical method. Microtia surgery is ideal for young children and results are aesthetically pleasing. This new method is a two-stage operation in which the first stage involves grafting of the ear framework and second stage involves ear elevation.

External ear is a complex structure that is made up of flexible type of unique specialized bone like elastic tissue called cartilage. Small pieces of the patient’s own cartilage from ribs is taken and finely chiseled and carved to resemble the ear. The skin is lifted and the contoured ear is placed. The second stage of surgery is performed after about three months wherein the graft is elevated to give the ear its natural contours and raised appearance. Natural look is restored after this complex precision based “miracle” surgery.