Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) or Transgender Surgery is a group of surgical procedures that alter the face to increase its femininity. Though these surgeries are commonly sought after by those with gender non-conformity, non-transgender patients also seek facial plastic surgery to improve certain features which they are uncomfortable with.

Appearing feminine is more about the overall appearance. Each face is unique, but there are some facial features that have distinctive characteristics that make the face appear more masculine or feminine.

Male foreheads are usually wider and higher than female foreheads. In males the bony ridge above the eyes is more prominent, females have a smooth forehead.

Males have a more square-shaped face. The jaw line and neck line have sharp corners. A female face has rounded curves and soft features.

The nose in males is more angular shaped with sharp edges and a more chiseled look. Male noses are usually larger, wider and more prominent than female noses. Female noses are usually smaller, shorter and narrower with a slightly concave profile.

In females the cheek bones are prominent giving the cheeks a rounder, fuller look. Males usually have flatter cheekbones giving the cheeks a sharper, angular appearance.

Males have a strong jawline and a square chin, in females the lower jaw and chin has soft curves and more rounded edges. Males have a heavier and wider jawbone than females.

Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures for Facial Feminization

All these features can be cosmetically altered using facial plastic surgery procedures. The goal of facial feminization surgery is to feminize the face. Most features are a reflection of the underlying bone, a minor portion is related to skin, facial hair, hairline and factors such as fat distribution and muscle mass reduction. A rhinoplasty surgery can be done to reshape the nose. Forehead contouring and scalp advancement can be done for full reconstruction of the forehead. Mandibular reduction, jaw reshaping and chin surgery helps in softening up the face. Certain exaggerated features are reduced for an overall more balanced, feminine look.

First, it is very important to understand that each person is completely different, every face is unique. Since each patient´s treatment is distinct, there is no standard procedure. This type of craniofacial surgery is not the same for everyone.

There are a wide range of social, cultural, racial and ethnic variations. Expectations should be realistic, it is important to accept one’s “base” features and anatomical safety limits, there is only a limited extent to which surgeons can deviate from. For example, before doing a forehead feminization, many factors need to be considered- whether hair transplants were done, volume of the entire forehead, the height of the eyebrows and hairline, skin quality, architecture of the eye sockets.

We give a personalized, comprehensive evaluation and have in-depth conversations with you to understand your expectations and how realistically these can be achieved. Procedures for each facial feature are adapted especially according to the individual patient’s needs. For maximum results, we design and perform a customized treatment plan to help each individual achieve their goals.

We work to provide you with the most attractive feminine face possible.

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